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Hangman Soccer & Sports


NEW GAME!!! How many soccer players and sport players do you know? In this game you can show us! You will find the best soccer players and sport players in the world. You can also discover what position you are in the world ranking playing to hangman game!In this fun game you have to reach several levels. Each level is related to a sport (football, basketball, moto, formula one, tennis, ...) and you have to guess the name of the soccer player or sport player who is being shown on screen playing to the hangman game. To do this, you will play to hangman game. You have time and lifes. If you fail 3 letters you will lost a life. For each sport player or soccer player you can fail until six letters to guess the right name. You can use lifes to discover vowels or consonants. According the game advances, the image will be more difficult and it will be gradually shown. If you hit you will earn points and time. If you fail, you will lose time.
You have 200 soccer players and sport players to recognize..
Good luck!
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